APTA Pediatrics Education Hub

General/Registration Questions

How do I log in to the APTA Pediatrics Education Hub?

If you are a member of APTA Pediatrics, you can log in to the Education Hub using the email that you have registered as a member of APTA in the Email line and your APTA member number in the Password line. If you do not receive the email, please check your APTA Profile to make sure you are checking the correct email; if you no longer have access to that email, please update your APTA Profile and then contact info@pediatricapta.org

My access was denied – now what? 

If access is denied, you may already have an account in the Education Hub.  Click Forgot Password to reset your password (note: this will only change the password in the Education Hub, not on your APTA Profile). If you don’t receive the reset email, please contact info@pediatricapta.org

Why are member prices not appearing at checkout?

You must log into the Education Hub using to your APTA email/member number (described above) to receive the APTA Pediatrics member price. Sometimes members mistakenly create a new account instead of logging in with their APTA email/number, so make sure to log in using the email that you have registered as a member of APTA and do not create a separate account.

If you would like to learn more about our Member Benefits, please visit our Membership page or join APTA Pediatrics from your main APTA account.

Where do I find my registered courses?

After registration has closed, any course you have signed up for will appear under your dashboard on the right navigation menu.

I started the video – why am I not getting credit?

You must watch the entire video to have it registered as “completed.” You may also have to watch videos in a certain order for multi-session courses. Once you start a video, you may pause it, but you can’t close out completely; if you do close out completely, you’ll have to restart the video from the beginning to receive credit for it being completed.

I just finished a course. How do I obtain my certificate and/or transcript?

If you register for a program that offers continuing education unit (CEU) hours, you must pass the quiz to unlock your certificate. Once you have passed your quizzes and completed the course, you may view and download your certificate at any time by accessing the product title under “My Learning.”

How do I access my certificate for a past course?

Certificates for APTA Pediatrics courses through 2019 can be found in the APTA Learning Center.  Certificates for APTA Pediatrics courses starting in 2020 are archived here in the Education Hub. To access your certificate(s), you must log in or create an account to the Education Hub following the instructions above. 

Interested in submitting a course proposal? 

Click here for the Professional Development Proposal Form! 

Have more questions about educational programs in general or anything else about APTA Pediatrics?

You can reach us at info@pediatricapta.org.

To see state CEU information, click here

Viewing Live and On-Demand Webinars

 What are the recommended browsers and settings for viewing a live webinar?

 Our system is no longer compatible with Internet Explorer. Please join us online using a current browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using a Mac, please use the current Safari web browser. For viewing webinars, we recommend using a high speed/broadband internet connection over Wi-fi. Also, please make sure you do not have pop-ups disabled in your internet browser settings. Programs are not accessible from a smart phone.

 Do I need any special programs to participate in a live webinar?

 Make sure you have Zoom downloaded prior to the live online session starting.

What do I do if I experience a problem when I am logged into a webinar on the Education Hub?

If you are already viewing a webinar and experience a problem (eg, slides stop advancing, streaming audio stops/fails, etc), please follow the steps below: 

  1.  If you are on a PC or Android tablet or laptop, check to be sure you are using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. If you are on a Mac, check to be sure that you are using Safari.
  2. Try clicking the “Refresh" button in your web browser (it looks like a circle with arrows). 
  3. Clear the cache in your web browser, then close your web browser completely. Open your web browser again and try logging into the event/archive again.