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Town Hall: Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Checkup 11/19/2021

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There has never been a better time to broadcast the value of the pediatric physical therapy profession! By championing the pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Check-up, we can build community relationships, and provide consistent yearly care for children through their life course. The focus on consistent, preventative care could change the paradigm of pediatric PT practice in our communities across settings. Through practical and preventative approaches, this webinar will be an active discussion focused on the importance and necessity for a Pediatric Annual Physical Therapy Check-up to enhance a child's wellbeing. Participants will learn tangible and proactive advocacy strategies for their pediatric clients focused on life course wellness. The speakers will offer practical strategies for implementation into the framework of an existing practice.


Recorded 11/19/2021  |  135 minutes
Recorded 11/19/2021  |  135 minutes